Alexandros Davos - OTE Group Retail Marketing Director and Commercial Purchasing & Supply Director

Mr Alexandros Davos graduated from The American College of Greece, Deree College, and holds an MBA from Nottingham Business School - Nottingham Trend University.

He has participated in several seminars and workshops in Greece and abroad, while he frequently is a key speaker in seminars and conferences regarding Marketing, Retailing and Customer Experience.

During the beginning of his career, Mr Davos worked in the largest multinational companies in the merchandising and sales fields (3E Coca Cola, PANASONIC –INTERTECH, ELGEKA SA and others, 01/1994 – 06/1999). His experience in the marketing field stems from 6/1999 until 9/2009 in companies such as SCHWARZKOFF & RILKEN SA, FRIESLAND HELLAS SA, GERMANOS SA, COSMOTE SA as Product Manager, Senior Brand Manager and Marketing Manager.

Mr Davos joined GERMANOS SA as Marketing Director from 9/2009 and Retail Marketing Director in the OTE Group.

Today Mr Davos holds the position of OTE Group Retail Marketing Director and the Commercial Purchasing & Supply Director.


John Bernard – Global Marketing Director for Firefox OS, Mozilla

John Bernard is the Marketing Director for Firefox OS at Mozilla.

In his current role, John is responsible for launching Firefox OS with Operators and mobile phone manufacturers globally, which has seen successful market introductions across 11 countries in 2013 to date.

Prior to joining Mozilla, he has worked in the mobile phone industry for over 10 years and previously held roles at senior marketing levels with Sony Ericsson and LG Mobile, using levers such as online marketing, ATL, PR, Sponsorship and Below-the-Line (BTL) campaigns to raise awareness and drive sales of multiple handsets and services worldwide.

Earlier this year, John achieved the 'UK Marketer of the Year' award and holds an MBA from Henley Management College (UK), attained in 2002.


Frederic Harper - Senior Technical Evangelist, Mozilla

In the IT world for more than 10 years, Frédéric Harper started as a developer working with different technologies focusing on Web, and mobile development. He spent a few years showing the Openness of Microsoft talking about Open Source, Web standards, and Interoperability. Now, as a Senior Technical Evangelist at Mozilla, Fred shares his passion about the Open Web, and help developers be successful with Firefox OS.


Luka Sucic - Business Development Manager & Evangelist, hub:raum

Luka has a strong background in  startups, mobile applications development and e-commerce. Prior to hub:raum Luka has been working in innovations department of Croatia Telekom on IPTV, OTT and new business telco projects. He is a consultant and a professional lecturer in area of a mobile and digital business development helping new start-ups and ideas to prosper. Luka will represent hub:raum Krakow at events & to external stakeholders and support the start-up selection. In his spare time he is always tinkering with his 3D printer and other Arduino projects.


Dr. Martin Kurze, Director Research & Innovation, Terminals, Deutsche Telekom

Martin Kurze is responsible for the Terminals-related R&D at Deutsche Telekom’s Research and Innovation Unit T-Labs. Here he lead numerous engineering and research projects in the context of operating systems, user interfaces and device based software stacks. His experience and merits include early 2D and 3D web-interfaces for desktop and mobile devices and services, augmented reality platforms, early Android developments (2007/08) and numerous software stacks as well as system architectures for internet- and web based systems including ID-Management and high-security systems

Today his responsibilities include DT’s engineering and contribution project to the Mozilla project “Firefox OS” (formerly known as “Boot-to-Gecko”/B2G). Here he leads an interdisciplinary and international team of researchers and engineers building the new mobile operating system and some applications for it.

Prior to his work at T-Labs, Martin Kurze lead teams at T-Systems, T-Nova and other companies in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business. His professional interests range from systems architecture and human-computer interaction to technology scouting, business development and technology strategy.

Martin Kurze holds a PhD degree in computer science from Freie Universität Berlin where he also graduated in this subject and in chemistry. He lives in Berlin, is married and proud father of three children.


Christoph Schmitz - Head of Software & Integration Management, Deutsche Telekom

Christoph Schmitz has been leading a team in Deutsche Telekom’s Terminal Product Management focussing on software, requirements and ecosystems for the past 6 years. As part of his role he initiated the partnership on Firefox OS with Mozilla in fall 2011. Currently, he is managing DT’s European Rollout of Firefox OS.

Christoph has been working for Deutsche Telekom group since 1995. Starting his career as technical manager at T-Mobile System Technology, he then held various leadership positions in a joint venture of Daimler and Telekom providing traffic telematics. Since 2004 Christoph has been leading product management teams in T-Mobile International respectively Telekom headquarters. He was involved in mobile internet initiatives such as DT’s web’n’walk (opening up the carrierer’s walled garden to mobile internet) and in several smartphone ecosystems launches namely iPhone (2007), G1-Android (2008), Windows Phone 7 (2010) and now Firefox OS

Christoph Schmitz holds a degree in Electrical Engineering RWTH Aachen University for which he has prepared his diploma thesis at École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris (nowadays Telekom Paris Tech).


Panos Astithas - Firefox Engineer, Developer Tools Team

Panos Astithas is a software engineer at Mozilla, working on Firefox Developer Tools. He has worked for more than fifteen years as a senior developer, development lead and architect in various organizations. From back-end to front-end development and from desktop applications to mobile apps, he is always on the lookout for new challenges and new areas to explore. A long-time open-source contributor, he keeps trying to have his work serve and inspire as many people as possible. Panos holds a PhD from the National Technical University of Athens focusing on computer network security.


Dimitris Kalavros - #Young Entrepreneur #TEDster #Connector #Go-Getter #BusinessCraftsman

Dimitris G. "DKG" Kalavros-Gousiou is a 25-year-old web-impact entrepreneur and techmaverick. He is best known as the Founder and Curator of TEDxAthens and Co-Founder of Nest Media. As of March 2013, Dimitris also serves as a of Foundation, a technology hub and educational platform in downtown Athens.

Dimitris is Co-Founder and Business Craftsman of Nest Media, a digital media startup company based in Athens, Greece. Prior to that, he was the Founder and Business Development Officer of, the first statup-related source in the country. He occasionally writes for TechCrunch Europe.

Dimitris also serves as a Referrer pre-seed investment firm HackFwd, leading its pipeline from Greece and Southeast Europe. In early 2012, he co-founded Solomo Digital Ltd, a social relations agency based in London, UK.

DKG holds a Law degree from the University of Kent at Canterbury and an LLM (Master of Laws) in Computer and Communications Law from the Queen Mary University of London.

He is also an alumnus of U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program", class of 2013, a member of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum and the Sandbox Network.


Have a sneak peak on the new Firefox OS video. Watch live the whole 12 hours of Athens App Days on the event date.

Nov 27

Welcome Coffee & Registration

9:00 - 9:30

Short Welcome Speeches

9:30 - 9:50

Alexandros Davos, OTE Group
Martin Kurze & Christoph Schmitz, DT T-Labs & Terminals
Luka Sučić, hub:raum
Frederic Harper, Mozilla Evangelist

Firefox OS - The platform you deserve

9.50 - 10.35

Frederic Harper, Mozilla Evangelist

Firefox OS Developer Tools

10.35 - 11.00

Panos Astithas, Firefox Engineer

Apps Development Session

11.00 - 18.00

The session is not interrupted.
Lunch is served in the lounge at 14.00.


18.00 - 19.00

John Bernard, Mozilla
Martin Kurze & Christoph Schmitz, DT T-Labs & Terminals
Luka Sučić, hub:raum
Dimitris Kalavros, to present COSMOTE StartUp
Alexandros Davos, OTE Group

App Pitch

19.00 - 19.30

Presentation of 10 shortlisted apps.

Networking / Meet & Greet

20.00 - 21.00


Come to an original downtown location with the best view.

LOCATION: 11 Iera Odos Str., 4rth Floor, Keramikos.


All members of the 3 winning teams will get an Alcatel One Touch Fire device as a reward.

The awarded team gets the chance to travel to Poland and participate in the hub:arum Krakow WARP.

hub:raum Krakow WARP is an 8-day acceleration program backed by Deutsche Telekom. The initiative takes place in Krakow from November 30th until December 7th - travel expenses and accommodation covered. If you strive to speed-up the development of your start-up, this program is just for you. More information here.

Interested startups who are operating in the fields of telco-related topics like technologies, apps, services etc., digital media or internet can make their applications here.

The awarded team gets the chance to participate in the Selection Day initiative, which will take place on 14/12/2013, and is a part of the COSMOTE StartUp program.

COSMOTE StartUp constitutes the fourth consecutive activity of COSMOTE “Our World Is You”, Program. It is a three-month incubation and educational program, conducted by experts in various fields with the aim to create opportunities for people who have new ideas, which can be developed into business ventures. At the end of the program, all participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas to potential investors.

Part of the COMSOTE StartUP Program is the Selection Day, as it will also constitute the program’s commencement. The COSMOTE StartUp team has organized a remarkable program which will include speeches from significant personalities from the StartUp field, both from Greece and abroad; targeted mini-workshops by COSMOTE StartUp Coaches, networking opportunities and much more!
Specifically, the following experts from abroad will be present:

  • Courtney Boyd Myers, joining us from London, journalist WIRED magazine, businessperson and communications consultant for startup companies.
  • Bogdan Lordance, joining us from Bucharest, founder of  “How to Web Conference”, “TechHub Bucharest” and consultant to some of the most renowned incubation projects abroad.

For more info visit

All members of the awarded team will be presented with the new Alcatel One Touch Fire device as a reward.

Bring your own laptop with Firefox 25+ installed.

Thank you. Registration for the event is full.